About Abhi

To say that Abhi was a different soul is a huge understatement. His warm loving nature and kind soul is proving to be completely irreplaceable. Abhi was the type of person that you only meet once in your lifetime.  He possessed the type of personality that people always remember, no matter what your relationship with him was.  Anyone that’s been around Abhi for longer than 5 minutes can say that he had the most vibrant personality out of anyone they have ever met.  He brought an incredible amount of energy with him everywhere he went. The amount of happiness he brought to those around him just by his presence was exceptional and his outlook on life was something the world truly needs more of.  He knew how to have fun more than anyone else, but was also so incredibly motivated to succeed. Not only was he full of life, but he genuinely cared about others and always made it a point to make everyone feel comfortable when they were around him.  Abhi’s life was a blessing, his memory a treasure. He is loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Abhi lived every single day to the absolute fullest, he lived more in his 20 years of life than most people do in their lifetime.


Reflections of Family & Friends . . .

“Anyone who was around Abhi and I for longer than 5 minutes knew that he showed me a type of love and affection that girls can only wish they find one day. The amount of happiness he brought me was unreal and I thought this picture somewhat captured it.  His over the top, outgoing, bubbly personality was one that could light up any room he walked into and his smile was even brighter. He was the loudest, funniest, most obnoxious person anyone had ever met, but because of that, he lived more in his 20 years of life than some people do in their entire lifetime. Abhi was the type of person that would do anything for anyone and I think that’s what I’ll miss most about him because I know those people aren’t easy to come by. He was always so adamant on making sure he was the kid people remembered at the end of the night and most of the time, he was. After spending the entire day with him on the day before he passed, I left East Lansing crying because I wasn’t going to see him for 4 days. Being the over-dramatic person that he is, he said “It’s not a goodbye, It’s an I’ll see you later” like he always did when he would drop me off at my classes even though I would be seeing him again in an hour. Little did I know, that would be the last thing I got to hear from him in person and I’ve never been so grateful for that. I’m so thankful to have had such an amazing soul brought into my life and to have such an incredibly hard goodbye. For the past 6 six years, life was constantly bringing Abhi and I back together so I know we’ll be seeing each other again some day. I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend. Thank you for everything and for being the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished.”

“I just want to say thank you for being my friend and older brother for the past 16 years. Thank you for the talks, laughter, and advice that you have given me. I just keep replaying all of our memories in my mind. I truly cannot put into words how much of an impact you had on my life. I will forever cherish the friendship that we had. I don’t think I will ever truly get closure but you will forever be present in my thoughts and my actions.”

“It was through this dance that I was introduced to Abhi’s uplifting and positive personality. He was definitely the life of every practice. Always fooling and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Thanks for making it your perpetual mission to teach me to have more fun and for always looking out for me.”

“I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my life and showing me how to make the most of everyday. You appreciated living more than anyone I know, and I’ll be forever grateful that you impacted my life the way you did. Thanks for making every minute spent with you worth remembering. Your happiness is eternal and I’ll never forget all the memories we shared. Love you Abhi, thanks for being you.”

“I lost a friend, a role model and a brother. I still can’t believe someone that I cherish so much is gone. You have given me an infinite amount of memories and laughs that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. But most importantly, you gave me my confidence. You pushed me to be more social and live life a little less seriously. As I restricted myself in order to force myself to grow up, you taught me how to have fun in the process. You taught me how to give importance to the hundreds of relationships I would have with people, and make them meaningful. That rare ability was one that pushed me through high school and college with a constant smile one my face, it was one that you were generous enough to share with me. I remember you promised me that I would be a friend you kept by your side for the rest of your life. You said I was someone you would always keep in touch with and support no matter how far your future took you. The confidence you have given me will last me a lifetime and I owe it to you. Ironically, I could really use a friend like you right now, because I will miss everything about you. I will miss your courageousness. I will miss your perseverance. I will miss your childishness. I will miss the many more memories I thought I was going to make with you. Senior year, I spent almost every single day after school with you. I didn’t want to miss out on a friend like you so I made the effort to spend time with you even though we went to different colleges. Even though you had hundreds of other friends to worry about, you had a heart big enough to take time every week to call me and check up on me. I appreciate that more than you will ever understand. It is heartbreaking knowing that now when I text you to hang out, I won’t get a reply. That you won’t randomly show up at my door anymore. I will always have a pit in my stomach knowing that I never had the chance to tell you how much you really impacted my life. I will always miss you and love you for everything you did for me, and I can never repay that debt. You were a friend. A role model. A brother.”

“From elementary school to clowning with you at MSU this past Halloween weekend, I don’t think I’ve gone a day without laughing. You were one of the most genuine, charismatic, caring, and goofiest guys I’ve ever met – honestly, one of a kind.”

“As he grew up, I think we all quickly realized- this kid was special. He was a go-getter. He was blessed with confidence and unique personality traits that you just can’t teach. He had a certain charismatic way that enabled him to connect with others, no matter what the age. As was said recently by many people, he was well beyond his years.”

“Can’t even put words to it. One of the most positive, happy, energetic, personable dudes I’ve ever been blessed to call a friend. With a smile that could light up a room and a laugh you could hear across the school. Physically you’re gone but forever you’ll be in our hearts.”

“You were just Abhi. Such a goofball and someone so special that no amount of words or description could do you justice. Ive heard a countless number of times that people will forget things you say and things you do but will never forget how you make them feel, and that’s the reason why you’re so loved by every person who got the chance to meet you.”

“Abhi was not only one of my good friends, but also my role model. He would always go out of his way to catch up with me. I have never seen anyone who has a personality like Abhi’s. I’m truly going to miss you bro!”

“Abhi, you were not only a cousin but a best friend. You are still my role model and I will strive to be the man you always taught me to be.”

“Ever since, he’s been my brother/best friend. I’ve gone through countless memories with Abhi that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. He would go out of his way for anyone and I’ll never meet a friend like him again. I wish I could talk to you once more. You’ll always be my Day 1 and I love you and miss you more than you’ll ever know.”

“Abhi Shah one of those individuals who instantly made an impact on others. His smile was contagious and he lit up any room. You will be deeply missed by many.”

“I will always remember your jokes, and your smile, you brought such a dynamic, that I had never seen before. You were always so motivated but yet so humble, and you also always were so encouraging of me rapping and one of the first to believe in my abilities. I’m gonna miss the days of playing basketball at St. James with you.”

“Abhi, I’ve never had a dull moment with you, and you never failed to make me laugh in middle school till now. You left a lasting impression on everyone you met. You were more than a friend to me, you were family.”